DESEQ2 error help with "row names"

I am trying to use DESEQ2 dor DGE analysis. I am using paired datasets uploaded from GEO, aligned with Hisat2 and counted with HTseq-counts. I am selecting the input files, Have the source set as HTseq-counts, but I keep getting the error below.

In Sys.setlocale(“LC_MESSAGES”, “en_US.UTF-8”) :
OS reports request to set locale to “en_US.UTF-8” cannot be honored
Error in .rowNamesDF<-(x, value = value) :
duplicate ‘row.names’ are not allowed
Calls: rownames<- … row.names<- → row.names< → .rowNamesDF<-
Warning message:
non-unique value when setting ‘row.names’: ‘SRR16947329’

I am not manipulating the dataframe from the counting program at all prior to input. It has worked before. At a loss on what to correct.

Thanks for any help!

Nevermind. For all other newbies bumbling around out here I will share my mistake… One of my input files was a duplicate right from the start. I used tags etc on the downloads but must have accidently double downloaded it right in the beginning, so the underlying file names were the same. I merged the collections of paired end runs and it dropped the duplicate. When I ran with the new merged collections worked fine.

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