Galaxy for Humanities/Social Sciences

Hello Galaxy Community!

It’s been many years since I’ve dabbled with Galaxy, and I’m in awe of what you’ve accomplished!

I wondered if anyone has used Galaxy in the Humanities and/or Social Sciences. Dave Clements pointed me to CoSSci - Galaxy Community Hub, but the instance seems to be down.

I currently consult for a national platform in South Africa ( that supports local capacity development in digital/computational humanities and social sciences research ( Many of the challenges I see remind me of things that Galaxy tries to address for life sciences folk who don’t have strong command line/programming expertise.

I’m keen to hear if you have any pointers or if anyone wants to chat about this.



Hi Anelda,

What exactly are you looking for? My previous employer (The Language Applications Grid) is working to bring their Galaxy instance back online with a number of NLP tools that I hope to get installed into the Galaxy toolshed. I would love to chat about your use case and I know the Lappsgrid folks would as well.


Hi @anelda!

We will hire in June a new team member with a historian background and hope to use that to kick-start some humanity-related Galaxy work. In the meantime we try to serve the community with requested tools ase Speech-to-text for example: Whisper: An open-source model for speech recognition now available in Galaxy! - Galaxy Community Hub

It would be great to know your use cases and get you in touch with our historian in June.

@ksuderman if you need any review or help getting the tools into the TS we are happy to help!


Hi @ksuderman @bjoern.gruening!

Wow, this is terrific.

Language and language technology applications are precisely where we’d like to start.

Would it make sense to have a community meetup for people interested in this and/or working on it? Alternatively, I’d be happy to meet one-on-one with you @ksuderman and then with @bjoern.gruening’s historian when they are ready?

Happy to hear your thoughts. I’m at UTC+2 in South Africa. I guess community-wide participation may get complex if the time zones are too far apart.

Thanks for your speedy and positive responses. This is really exciting :smiley:

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I don’t know if there are enough people (yet) to make a community meetup feasible. Maybe you can message me here and we can arrange a meeting, or just email, to discuss what you want to do?