GCC2023 Poster Presentation

Hello. I would like to participate virtually in the conference to be held in Brisbane, Australia. Is poster presentation possible for virtual participation? I want to present a poster.

Hi @barbaros

Good question.

Poster submissions use the same form as the abstract submissions: Galaxy Community Hub - Galaxy Community Hub

And as far as I know, all talks, demos, and posters are currently in person only. @enis would you be able to confirm?

By submitting an abstract, assuming it is accepted into the program, at least one of the authors agrees to register for GCC2023, attend the event, and present the work.

@barbaros Yes! Virtual presentation for posters is allowed under the assumption that you are available on Zoom/Slack during your scheduled poster session. One thing to keep in mind that, depending on your timezone, that session may fall in the middle of the night.

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