How to display characters

How to display characters like ( % ) in the title of a plot. Knowing when the title contains a character (%) it displays dots instead of %.

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Hi @belal

Apologies for the delay – I am sweeping through some older posts that didn’t get community feedback yet and found this post. This question was difficult for others to help with because it did not include enough information about where this happened (Galaxy server) or which tool was used (including the version).

If you still need help, please clarify a bit more:

  1. Which tool are you using? This will be the top of the tool form. Please post back the full name, including the version.

  2. Also, please post back which Galaxy server you are working at – the URL if a public Galaxy server. If some other type of Galaxy, please describe, including the version of Galaxy, the last time it was updated, and where it was sourced if this is your own local/docker.

Let’s start there, thanks!