I accidentally deleted tool_conf.xml


I accidentally tool_conf.xml. However the galaxy still shows all the installed tools. Is there a way to restore it using galaxy? I tried installing some new package but it did not result in creation of tool_conf.xml.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @wormball

Let’s ask the admins. They may reply here or at Gitter. galaxyproject/admins - Gitter

(fixed reply, thanks @gmauro !!)

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I think the most appropriate channel is galaxyproject/admins - Gitter


@wormball The first thing that comes to my mind is to try with bioblend


or also from https://yourdomain/api/tools, should be able to retry all the details in json format


Thanks Jennifer and Gianmauro!

I saved the outputs of get_tools and api/tools just in case. But it needs to convert to the proper xml. :frowning:

However i compared tool_conf.xmls on the three other experimental galaxy instances and saw that they are basically the same except the parts where i edited them manually. So i think i can copy tool_conf.xml and add my latest editions which i also have. Or can i?