I got errors using RepeatExplorer Galaxy

When I use Galaxy every time getting same error, was thinking it’s something temporary, but unfortunately it’s not.
Could you please help me and recommend something?

(admin redacted for data privacy)

Hi @Dana_Trunova

It looks like you clicked on the pencil icon :memo: of a dataset to reach the “Edit Attributes” functions. The server is unable to load that data, possibly because of a metadata problem or some server side problem. You could try making a copy of the history in your own account there to see if that resets the metadata. If not, you’ll need to contact an administrator.

The administrators of the repeatexplorer public Galaxy server do not follow this forum, and it is difficult for others to help more, especially for any actual technical server-side problems. Instead, please try contacting them directly via email.

Quote from there website:

Thank you very much for your answer!!!

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