Internal server error (500) when uploading file


I tried to upload data in tabular file. It began to be load and after few seconds it stops and I have a message error “Internal Server Error (500)”.
Could you please tell me how to fix it?

Thank you very much and have a good day,
Best regards,

Hi! Have you soved the problem yet?

Hello, I meet the same question with you, Do you have solve it ?

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Hi all, @Kang @wlh1 @kathy @dj1234321

If the failures were at, it seems to be working now and maybe there was a transient problem that resolved itself. I just tested uploading with the different methods with a broad range of datatypes, specifically: “Choose local file” (file on the user’s computer), “Choose remote files” (file from a public URL), and “Paste/Fetch data” (file uploaded via FTP first , and, from a hosted directory). All were successful.

Please try again now if you haven’t already. If problems persists, please explain with more details about:

  1. What exactly is going wrong, including which upload method was used
  2. File datatype if different from the original question’s tabular file
  3. Where this is happening (server URL)

Thanks for reporting the problem and hopefully it is resolved for everyone now :slight_smile: