Is it possible to restrict sessions on a local server to one and assign an external disk as the workspace disk?

Dear Galxay users

I am new to Galaxy and so this may be a really stupid question. However, here goes! We have two reasonably powerful PCS that the university are about to scrap because they don’t fit their Windows 10 specifications. Both have 32GB of RAM, one also has a 2nd gen Quad core i7 (3Ghz) and a 512gb SSD while the other has a 3rd Gen Quad core i5 (3Ghz) and a standard 500GB HDD.

Instead of throwing them away, I was waiting to set them up a local Galxay hosts that could do some light work before having to use the main Galaxy install on the main servers. However, the issue of multiple users come in to play. Obviously neither machine is powerful enough to support several concurrent session, and so I was wondering if there was a way (presumably in the config) to restrict the number of session to one. The second potential issue is the storage of data on the internal hard drive, especially when multiple users are login in and out. Hence, is it possible to assign an external drive to act as the workspace disk, and if so can this be different for each user. The ultimate vision would be that the users all bring/assign their own external hard drive as the workspace disk when using the PCs.

Many thanks in advance for your help.