Is jobs_directory taking too much storage normal?

I have a local instance of Galaxy installed. I found out that the jobs_directory file is 71.6 GB. It has a file named “/galaxy/database/jobs_directory/000/119/working/splitby.nameOrCount.dat.extra.temp” which is 68.6 GB alone. The workflows I use in galaxy only takes about 6.7 GB. What is the function of this file? Will deleting it cause any problems?

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Is this from mothur? Are you using mothur?

It looks like it comes from this tool but I am not sure:

I guess if you did your analyses and saved the output that you need outside galaxy it is save to remove it. So if you are in a hurry I would say remove it. And if you are not wait for a developer or some one with more expertise to give a better answer.


If your cleanup policy in the galaxy config is not ‘always’ then the jobs_directory will slowly grow.
If you need to have your cleanup policy set to anything else then you will need to use something like tmpwatch to clean up the folder. This can be automated with cron.

There is also this issue that causes the jobs_directory to grow quickly.

If you are running out of space while running a workflow, I recommend enabling the “Output cleanup” option in tools that it makes sense for the workflow.



The community help from @gbbio and @innovate-invent are both spot on.

You have a large cached file from a tool run. It may be attached to active data that you are still working with… but if not, then you could certainly do some cleanup now and consider configuration changes or processes that get rid of older, unused temp/cached data ongoing.

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