Login system edit galaxy registration page

Hi All,
I have one question about the login on my Galaxy instance. Do you think I can edit the registration page of Galaxy so I don’t ask the user for the email but just the username (and I replace the email field with a fake mail, i.e. username+@randomstring) and the password?
Or maybe I should create my on login system?
Because for security reasons I can’t store the real email of the users in the database. (rules of the university).

Can’t give an answer but have you seen this?

If you go create something yourself this may help:

  # If use_remote_user is enabled and your external authentication
  # method just returns bare usernames, set a default mail domain to be
  # appended to usernames, to become your Galaxy usernames (email
  # addresses).
  #remote_user_maildomain: ''

I am curious about other and probably better answers :slightly_smiling_face: