problem with uploading

as the beginner I find the processing is more and more slow. now it takes very long time to upload a file and there is always error in the uploading. How can I do?

Hi @hliu96501,
could you provide me more details about the error?


thanks a lot for your reply.

I am a new user from Germany. I have now in the history datasets that takes about 21% of my quota (it should be 250gb totally) away. I am now processing the mapping with HISAT2 tool just for 1 dataset (1,5gb). But It is not finished after 8 hours. Yesterday it took about 2 hrs for the same task. I have checked my history and purged all other files.

thank you for your advice in advance.


Hongyu Liu

Hi @hliu96501,
if you have large datasets (large than 100Mb) I recommend you upload them by using the FTP protocol. Regarding the time required for processing the samples, sometimes it can take longer depending on the server load. Let me know if you have any additional questions.