Reason of having TO equal to FROM address for the "galaxy tool error report" ?

As already discussed in github, when sending a galaxy tool error report, the TO and FROM address are the same.
Though it is possible to set an email_from param in galaxy.yml, it is assigned to error_email_to when the report is sent.

I wander why such a behavior. Can anyone tell me ?
In my case, I have a sender address imposed by the mail server but it is not linked to a real email box. I need to give a different email address as recipient.

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Hello @eancelet

This is to prevent “email spoofing” as described in the GitHub ticket you referenced.

If you want to ask the developers about this again, you can post to that question for an updated rationale.


Thanks @jennaj for your response.
Sorry, I don’t know this subject very well. Is it to prevent “email spoofing” from Galaxy admins or from malicious persons throughout the internet ?

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The idea is to ensure that a bug report is sent in by the actual person who has control over that registered account.

Now, bug reports themselves are fairly sparse: the error message and a few clues about what is going wrong. Only the account owner themselves or an administrator on that server would be able to make use of that content (for practical reasons like troubleshooting).

Ok, I understand. Thanks for your reply (and sorry my response is late).

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