Request to add DeepBGC to Galaxy Africa

Please could you add “DeepBGC” tool to galaxy Africa
Here is the link to its github page
GitHub - Merck/deepbgc: BGC Detection and Classification Using Deep Learning

Thank you so much

To be possible for a tool to be installed in needs to be “wrapped” i.e. prepared for Galaxy. I do not see a wrapper for this tool at the Galaxy Tool Shed which is an app store for Galaxy. Unless someone has wrapped this tool and did not share using the Tool Shed it is likely nobody has wrapped this tool for Galaxy yet.

DeepBGC is a Python tool so wrapping it is most likely achievable but depending on how complicated it is to invoke, and what data it needs, in what format, and how many features of the tool you want to use… It can be time consuming unless you are an experienced tool developer.

To have a look at what it involves to wrap a tool browse the Planemo documentation.

I am not a tool developer. i am just i user how want to use galaxy for using this tool