Accounts deleted from Galaxy Main to enforce posted Terms and Conditions

My account were active last night and running data, however this morning I tried logging in to find a message saying the account had been marked as deleted. How do I recover the data that was in the account?

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This notice applies to everyone who has found their account deleted unexpectedly from

There is an end-user limit of one account per user per public Galaxy server, including Galaxy Main

Many end-users were found to be associated with two or more accounts. Several were deleted to meet posted Terms and Conditions. Duplicated account reviews and deletions will continue. Any single user may have one account, and one account only, at Galaxy Main

Attempts to subvert usage terms through the creation of multiple registered accounts or using multiple unregistered/unconfirmed accounts will result in the deletion of all accounts associated with any single end-user.

Accounts at Galaxy Main have a very generous per-account quota size of 250 GB. Should these resources not be sufficient, then exploring alternative ways to use Galaxy is the path forward.

Each end-user can update account details at any time (email, password). Excess account data can be downloaded and then removed from the server to recover quota space. Registering two or more accounts is never needed.


Account suspension is not intended to be punitive in the vast majority of cases. Some end users have older legacy accounts left over from training, prior employment/education, and other reasons. Others did not adequately review and understand the account creation terms during registration. A few accounts picked up and deleted may not be actually duplicated, and the primary account will be restored once confirmed. Unfortunately, a few end users also actively and knowingly violate the usage terms, consuming the public resources unfairly at Galaxy Main.

This account was found to be associated with one or more duplicated accounts. To have a single account restored, please send an email, from the registered account email address to be retained, to Note: If your registered account email address is from a public email service, include in the cc of the email your work/academic email address and be very clear about which account will be used as your single account going forward.

Once and if restored, please do not create additional accounts at Galaxy Main. Do not use other’s accounts, even if working in the same group focused on a joint project. Use sharing functions or consider setting up a dedicated Galaxy server for the project.

End users are permitted to create a single account at each other public Galaxy server — most if not all have a “one account per end-user” requirement.

If an end-user recreates or uses more than one account going forward, knowingly, and especially after being directly re-informed about the usage terms, all associated accounts will be permanently removed from the Galaxy Main server, including data, without prior notice.

For those that may have multiple accounts at Galaxy Main, who have not had their duplicated accounts deleted yet, please send an email to the same mailing list above. Proactively deleting any non-primary accounts will prevent account deletion and potential data loss.

This notice applies to everyone who has found their account deleted unexpectedly from Galaxy Main.

We are enforcing account terms to help keep Galaxy Main a fair public resource for everyone!

Thank you! Jen, on behalf of the Galaxy Team and Community

Update Nov 1, 2019

Duplicated accounts are detected as an ongoing process. If you found your account recently deleted, or have not but do have duplicates and want to avoid problems, write to us at and list the following:

  1. The registered email for the account you wish to keep
  2. If that email is from a public domain service, include your non-public primary email address. See “Reminders” below if you do not understand the difference.
  3. List out your duplicated account email addresses. All, not just those you happen to be using right now.
  4. Confirm that you now understand the terms of usage, and will follow them going forward.


  • Only one account will ever be restored. Unfair usage means data loss in other accounts.
  • Terms of usage can be found here:
  • There is never a valid reason for multiple accounts
  • If we discover duplicated accounts before they are proactively declared, your data is at risk of being lost
  • A public domain email address is from an anonymous service like Gmail, Hotmail, Nate, QQ, Yahoo or similar.
  • A non-public primary email address is from your university or place of work.
  • Act quickly and be honest.
  • Account terms are only re-clarified once per user, as a courtesy.
  • READ THIS FAQ: Getting an account at Galaxy Main ( Creating a “new” account will not solve duplicated account problems and instead cause more. You need to write in to get your issues resolved, correctly.

The simplified quota rule is one account per user per public Galaxy server.

End users are permitted to create a single account at each other public Galaxy server — most if not all have a “one account per end-user” requirement.

When presented with the activation link in the emails anyone received when creating an account, the account terms were very clearly explained, and you agreed to these terms.


By clicking on the above link and opening a Galaxy account, you are also confirming that you have read and agreed to Galaxy’s Terms and Conditions for the use of this service ( Terms include a quota limit of one account per user. Attempts to subvert this limit by creating multiple accounts or through any other method may result in the termination of all associated accounts and data.

Thanks for understanding and for helping us to keep Galaxy a free and fair public resource, for everyone, worldwide.

Jen & the Galaxy team