After installation server looks good, yet not works

Hello everyone
I’ve been trying to get my local server running. I use remote machine with ubuntu 22. I want to make galaxy interface avalible among PC in local network.
Installation itself was fine and went without errors.
I’ve modded galaxy.yml with

Configuration for Gunicorn.


 # Enable Galaxy gunicorn server.
 enable: true

 # The socket to bind. A string of the form: ``HOST``, ``HOST:PORT``, ``unix:PATH``,

fd://FD. An IP is a valid HOST.
bind: ‘my.remote.ip.address:8080’
At logs i got line about gunicorn listening on my ip:port
while for telnet i got
telnet 8080
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.
telnet> quit
Connection closed.
firewall does not interfere anything.
Anyways interface is not avalible, i get connection timeout error.

What can be the problem and what can i do to fox it&

Hi @artusmagnus

These are our resources for setting up a local server:

As a quick guess, see the sections about setting up a proxy server to resolve this specific problem.