Clades.csv file for flu_classification_suite

Hi, I’m new to galaxy so be patient with me
I’m trying to use the flu_classification_suite to get the clade associated with a flu fasta file
The package includes a clades.csv file for H3N2
Does anyone have a clades.csv file for H1N1, Victoria or Yamagata
Can anyone point me at anything that helps me understand how these clades.csv files are created?
Brian S

Hi, I think the format of the clades file is explained here: Influenza Classification Suite: An automated Galaxy workflow for rapid influenza sequence analysis - PMC (Figure 2 and Table 2).
In general, the tool is maintained by the authors of that paper at GitHub - Public-Health-Bioinformatics/flu_classification_suite: Flu Classification Suite and that might be a better place to raise issues and ask questions like yours - though at least one of the authors,@dfornika, is on this forum, too, and might have different advice.

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