cloudlaunch active appliances


Quick question about shutting down and restarting cloudman instances on AWS. I have been using gvl through cloudlaunch. When I press the shutdown button on the cloudman console, It shuts down access to galaxy and when I look on AWS it since the instance has been terminated. However, on the cloudlaunch page it still says that the instance is running on as an active appliance, even though I am unable to use the access address. So my question is what is running if I can’t access the URL and AWS says there is no active instance?

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After you’ve shut down the instance via CloudMan, nothing remains running. It’s just that CloudLaunch hasn’t updated the status so it remains marked as Running. I think it’s an issue with a new recent installation but just nobody’s had time to look into it yet.

In the meantime, after you’ve shut down the instance via CloudMan, you can just archive it in CloudLaunch despite it saying Running.

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