Cluster issue at -- Resolved 06/05/2023. Rerun failed (red) or leave queued (gray)

I am facing the same issue now…I have been using galaxy for post 6 yrs w/o any issues however, recently it keeps giving me issues…and mostly around weekends. I don’t understand why none of the functions work…all my tasks stay in grey for hours…it was never like this before

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I also have the issue of nothing running for two days now. I hope that things will start moving again soon.

Hello @Kashish_Kumar @Isha_Singh

There was a cluster error over the weekend that has been corrected.

What to do (for everyone who had problems over the weekend):

  1. If your job failed (red dataset) – try rerunning now.
  • → All jobs that failed Upload or other tools that transfer external data into Galaxy will need a rerun.
  1. If your job is queued (gray dataset) – please leave your job queued for fastest processing. You can decide to delete and rerun, but know that all new jobs start at the back of the queue.
  2. There is a small backlog of jobs, and those should process sometime today.
  3. Please try at least one rerun for any failures.
  4. If reruns started after now also fail, you can submit bug reports for confusing errors.

Thanks for reporting the problem!

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