CTAT data manager - how to specify download location

I am trying to set up star-fusion as described in the Galaxy toolshed wiki. I think I am having trouble with setting the conda_prefix. When I get to the downloading of the genome resource library it returns an error message:

“/home/paul/galaxy/database/shed_tools/toolshed.g2.bx.psu.edu/repos/trinity_ctat/ctat_genome_resource_libs_data_manager/da7f50809820/ctat_genome_resource_libs_data_manager/data_manager/add_ctat_resource_lib.py”, line 1406, in main
raise ValueError(“Argument --download_url requires that --download_location be specified.”)
ValueError: Argument --download_url requires that --download_location be specified

I tried setting the download location to:
<tool_dependency_dir>/_conda (the unchanged default)
/home/paul/download (an arbitrary directory)
/home/paul/tool_dependency (an arbitrary directory)

None of which worked.

It is clear I do not understand what is needed. Please give me information on how to set this parameter.