Error in ireport - base64 is not a text encoding -- Solution: See built in workflow invocation reports instead

I am using a local Galaxy instance and I want to use report to generate reports of results that I have generated. I am using ireport (Galaxy version 1.1) and providing a previously generated webpage which can be used. I tried it with several different results and it keeps giving this error - ‘base64’ is not a text encoding; use codecs.encode() to handle arbitrary codecs. I saw an earlier post (IReport issue with encode base64?) that says that this is because of the difference in py2/p3 and will be rectified. How can I rectify it? any help or suggestions is highly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @priyanka8590

Workflow reports are now built-in to Galaxy. These are generated by default every time a workflow is executed. Release notes (see 21.01 for the original, and later releases for updates):

Go to User → Workflow Invocations and expand the details per invocation. You’ll find a link to an interactive report and a PDF version available for download.


The older iReport version was never updated from the original Python 2 environment, and even that may not be enough to make it useable.