Galaxy - private storage of datasets using cloudman installations

Hello, It appears all AWS images for Galaxy are public.

  • If you install a public AMI, where are your galaxy datasets stored?
  • Can you attach your own EBS volume to the public image?

Using a public image how can you keep your datasets stored privately?

The machine images are public so that anyone can use those to bootstrap the their own installation but once created, each individual instance is run within the user’s AWS account and all the resources created are private to that AWS account.

The Galaxy datasets are stored on a persistent EBS volume, which is automatically provisioned and configured if you choose that option at instance launch time ( → 2. tab → Advanced GVL options → Persistent Volume Storage).

You can attach additional EBS volumes if you’d like but configuring Galaxy to use those is not recommended as it would break the automation methods in place.

If you haven’t seen this page yet, some more details on how to get started are available here:

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