How to clone local Galaxy server to test upgrades


I administer a Galaxy server for a biotech and recently they asked me to upgrade the version to latest as well as upgrading python 2.x to 3.x. In the past I could simply copy the galaxy directory and rename it on the same server along with replicating and renaming the postgres DB. I could then upgrade or change the cloned instance and they could validate the changes before applying them to production. Now that its been in use for a while there are thousands of references in the galaxy files to the installation path of the server so I can no longer clone it to the same server because I have to keep the path the same.

Is there a way to clone and rename an existing Galaxy installation to the same server but in a different location? I could replicate it to a different server but I do not have one available at the moment and galaxy requires a significant amount of resources so that is not a trivial ask.

Thanks you in advance.