How to migrate only the Users from Rel 16 to Release 20

We are planning our upgrade of Galaxy from Rel.16 to Rel 20.
Our Production Galaxy is quite big (More than 8,000) Users.
One of the paths that we are considering is to migrate only the Users and start with clean data.
Can anyone provide us a script to copy the necessary tables to achieve that ?
Thank you !
George Weingart PhD
Huttenhower Lab
Harvard School of Public Health

I posted this question 13 days ago and have received no replies.
Can someone from the Galaxy Support team please address the issue or can someone let me know where should I post the question or how to contact someone in the Galaxy Support Team to discuss ?
George Weingart PhD
Huttenhower Lab
Harvard School of Public Health

I don’t really know the answer but I see you really need one. I think I would try to make a back-up of the current database and set-up a new version 16 galaxy somewhere with that database so the current one can stay online. From this “new” version 16 galaxy you can try to upgrade to version 20. One of the key steps will be sh upgrade. When you have version 20 working you could set-up a completely new and fresh version 20 and import the user tabel into that new fresh database. But again this is just a guess.

This may help Galaxy Community Hub - Galaxy Community Hub

You can also try to download version 20, point to the back-up database and try to run it. You will get a database version error and the error will tell you that you need to run sh upgrade. But this faster way maybe also works.

Before you try to extract the user table and import it in a new database take a look at this as well, there are all kind of cleaning scripts available. :Server Maintenance and Backups

One of the main reasons my “guess” to do all these steps is because of the big step (from 16 to 20).

Import things to keep in mind and save you some troubles are the postgresql and python version.

Another way to get support is to use the chat (right bottom corner) of the main page

Hi gbbio,
Thank you so much for your reply.
Unfortunately, it is not exactly what we need.
We upgraded to 20 in a Docker environment with the vanilla database.
We need a script to copy all the User tables from our Production Rel 16 to the new Release 20.
It is a huge Production environment and we need a definite answer from Galaxy Support.
But, Thanks so much for your your response !
George Weingart PhD
Huttenhower Lab
Harvard School of Public Health