Issues running Classify.seqs using 16S Microbial Analysis with Mothur protocol

I was having good success using the Mothur suite of tools for metagenomic work on Galaxy main before reaching the portion of taxonomy assignment in the protocol (I am using my own data but following the directions on the protocol as appropriate.
I am using a collection of datasets, one sequencing file broken down by barcodes with sequences stored in a separate collection based on the location. I have 142 total collections for the 142 separate barcodes that were used. I am using the SILVA reference taxonomy file.

My job has been in queue for 3 weeks now and the only information given is that the process is generating a list of jobs. This status has been consistent since the time I first submitted my job. The job doesn’t terminate, it just doesn’t progress.

Any ideas or information as to why this issue is occurring? Is this really an issue or am I just being impatient? This is my first post here so if more information is necessary please let me know and I will amend.

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Hi @kraft15

The Galaxy Main server at is under a higher load right now, so jobs may queue longer than a day (the usual estimate), but three weeks seems too long for a job to be in the queued state (gray).

I’m going to send you a direct message asking if your email address used here at Galaxy help is the same one as used at Galaxy main or if your registered account uses a different email address, so you don’t have to post it to a public topic.

I will NOT ask for your password and you should never share that with anyone, no matter who they say they are. Admins won’t ask for or need it.

Thanks for reporting the problem!