Kraken: how do I get a Kmer distribution?

As you can see in the image, the Kmer distribution field is empty: "No options available"

What am I missing?

Is there another tool I must use first to generate a Kmer distribution?

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Hi @fullmooninu

There are two versions of the tool: KrakEN and `KrakEN2".

The admins of the EU server would need to create/provide the built-in index for KraKEN.

This older version of the KrakEN tool suite is available at and – and it has a Kmer indexed at both.

BTW – it looks as if you are searching the tool panel with a typo. Try “kraken” instead of “braken” to find all tools in the suite. Or, with “kraken2”. The two versions are incompatible as far as I know, with distinct indexes.

Tutorials: Search Tutorials

ping @gallardoalba @wm75

I installed the DBs, please check tomorrow again. Thanks!

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