Multiple Instances of Galaxy on the same server

Has anyone run multiple versions of Galaxy from the same server? Wondering if it is feasible, I want to leave Prod version running under the root URL and then add a DEV/TEST under a URL/prefix

Added new location to nginx pointing to UWSGI instance on a different port than PROD

        location /2101/ {
            uwsgi_pass ;
            #uwsgi_param          UWSGI_SCHEME $scheme;
            include              uwsgi_params;
            uwsgi_param          SCRIPT_NAME /2101/;
        rewrite ^/2101$ /2101/ last;

uwsgi section from galaxy.yml

  virtualenv: /Dedicated/clingal2101/galaxy/.venv
  threads: 8
  http-raw-body: True
  offload-threads: 8
# module: galaxy.webapps.galaxy.buildapp:uwsgi_app()
  mount: /2101=galaxy.webapps.galaxy.buildapp:uwsgi_app()
  manage-scritp-name: true

No errors in the galaxy.log file starting the new instance, but nginx returns 404 error when accessing the prefixed URL. I am assuming I have a poorly configured uWSGI config for this use case.

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On top of my head I can not give an answer but did you already checked the logs of nginx? You may need to enable the logging first by putting this in your config file:

rewrite_log on;
error_log /path/to/log debug;

Also search for the term “prefix” in the config file, there are some more settings you to change I beleave.