New Galaxy account

Please I would like to ask if it is okay and allowed to create another account on Galaxy because I used almost all the available space I have in my current account and I am planning to upload more raw data and there is no enough space for that!
If not then what do you suggest?
Thank you in advance!

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Hello @shamjdeed

At most public Galaxy servers, there is a “one account per user” quota. In practical terms, this means you can have many Galaxy accounts but just one at any particular public Galaxy server.

For Galaxy Main

  1. Account terms are explained in this FAQ:
  2. How to manage data is explained in this FAQ, including how to download data no longer in active use and how to apply for more quota space short-term for larger projects: From your comments, it sounds like you need to download then purge your old work to make room for new work, more help here:
  3. Creating or using a duplicated account, or someone else’s account, to try to get around the account terms will cause problems like this. Accounts deleted from Galaxy Main to enforce posted Terms and Conditions Stick to using just one account and you won’t have to worry about losing your account or data unexpectedly.

The FAQs above also cover how to find out the usage terms (and if quota extensions are possible) when working at other public Galaxy servers. In short, check the server’s home page or directory listing ( for that server’s contact and quota information, and ask them you have questions.

You also have the option of setting up your own Galaxy server. A local server can be used to store data (in context). Cloud servers are popular choices for large computational work. If you use one at AWS, they offer grants for storage/computational resources (Galaxy itself is always free, and the Cloudman version is designed to be simple to administrate). These details are also linked from FAQs above and at the Galaxy resources directory ( Also, search prior Q&A with the term “cloud” here if interested in exploring that option.

All public Galaxy servers are independently administered and not all follow this forum. If you can’t locate the server contact or quota info for where you are working, share back the URL and we can try to help you find it.