problem with sh -integration --debu

I’m troubleshooting why a tool isn’t working. So I run sh -integration --debug and it fails.

It tells my what it is ignoring (10 lines), requirements already satisfied (about 10 pages) , a new release of pip available,(even though I’ve updated it!), and then I get

The Galaxy client build is being skipped due to the SKIP_CLIENT_BUILD environment variable.
Activating virtualenv at .venv 598: Syntax error: “(” unexpected (expecting “fi”)

How do I update just this file ? I updated and upgraded Ubuntu_20.04 on windows wsl2, which I also updated, and updated and upgraded my local galaxy to 23.0 but I cannot get away from this error. And I’m still having the tool error-Ack!

Hi @Ann_Holtz-Morris

Are you using Planemo to develop and test the tool? If not, that might be the best way forward.

Or if you think this is some small bug related to your Galaxy install, there are two matrix chats. One is for Admin and the other for Tool Development. I’ll cross this over to the Admin chat first since it tends to have more traffic. They may reply here or there, and feel free to join the chat! You're invited to talk on Matrix


Hi Jenna,
Thankyou, yes I think this is an Admin question. I suspect the file may be corrupt somehow. I’ve cobbled together my local instance over the last 5 years, and if I didn’t have to start over again, I would probably have built this differently.

By the way, I really like the tags! I wish there was a way to download them with .bam and .bam.bai data as those still download as “HISAT2 on data 209 and data 64” :slight_smile: I’ve been a user for 12 years now, on Galaxy Main and on my local instance, and really appreciate all your efforts.


Ann Holtz-Morris

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I’ve wanted to do this too! Name by collection name + element identifier + group tag(s). I didn’t find an open ticket yet but know that this has come up before in discussions. If you want to add a ticket, the UI/UX team is very active. Issues · galaxyproject/galaxy · GitHub

It was really cool to see your name here yesterday, and to learn you are still with us! Thank you for the kind comments :rocket: