Problem with <validator> tag in Galaxy xml tool file


I’m encountering a problem defining a correct <validator> tag for my Galaxy tool.

This validator is supposed to verify, from a checkboxes parameter, whether a value “EC” or a value “KO” is chosen at least once. Other values are considered optional.

It’s important to note that the parameter is defined as follows from a data-table and refers to an associated .loc file:

<param argument="--functions" type="select" label="Target function database" multiple="true" optional="false" help=" 16S : at least 'EC' or/and 'KO' should be chosen (EC for Metacyc pathway analysis or/and KO for KEGG pathway analysis) - others values are optionnal. ITS and 18S : 'EC' only available." >
			<options from_data_table="frogs_picrust2_functions">
				<column name='name' index='1' />
				<column name='value' index='1' />
				<column name='path' index='2' />
				<column name='traits' index='3' />
                <filter type="param_value" ref="category" column="0" />   
 		<validator type="expression" message="'EC' is the default database used by PICRUSt2. 'EC' or 'KO' must be at least selected. Other tables are optionnal">"EC" in value or "KO" in value</validator>               

And here is the current validator : “EC” in value or “KO” in value

When the user chooses only EC or KO, there is no problem. However, when the user chooses an optional value, the tool is not launched even though EC or KO is selected.

The validator was working under Galaxy version 21.05. However, now that I’m on version 23.07, it doesn’t work anymore.

Do you have any idea where this issue might be coming from? Does the validator no longer work with more recent Galaxy versions?

Thank you for your help.



Hi @vindarbo

To bring in more people who work on tool wrappers, I’ve cross-posted your question over the to Dev chat. They may reply here or there, and feel free to join that chat too. You're invited to talk on Matrix

Meanwhile, you could try running your tool through Planemo to see if it reports anything about a potential deprecated function/alternatives.


Can you double check the version. There is only 23.0 and 23.1.

Does the validator no longer work with more recent Galaxy versions?

It should still work if it worked in the past.

Do you have a ink to the full tool?