rpy2 install fails

Running local install of Galaxy server 22.05. I’m having an issue where the manage dependencies are failing to install the rpy2 package. It just runs and then times out. On the server, the process is running but never completes. I killed it and then tried to run via the command as the Galaxy user:

/data/galaxy/galaxy/database/dependencies/_conda/bin/python /data/galaxy/galaxy/database/dependencies/_conda/bin/conda create -y --quiet --override-channels --channel conda-forge --channel bioconda --channel defaults --name __rpy2@2.9.4 rpy2=2.9.4

Again, the command gets through Collecting pacakge metadata, but then hangs on Solving environment: … working …

Is there something missing from the installation of Galaxy? I use git clone version 22.05 to install Galaxy. Without rpy2 the statistics packages cannot run.

Other info:
OS: Centos 7
Python version: 3.7.12


Update: I was able to install the rpy2 by modifying the install command as below:

/data/galaxy/galaxy/database/dependencies/_conda/bin/python /data/galaxy/galaxy/database/dependencies/_conda/bin/conda create -y --override-channels --channel conda-forge --channel bioconda --channel defaults --name __rpy2@2.9.4 rpy2 --force --no-deps

I took out the version and included the --force and --no-deps, though I read those flags really don’t do anything. Anyhow, when trying to run summary stats on a data file it is erroring out saying that the rpy2 module is not found. But Galaxy seems to think it is there, at least has a green check next to rpy2 on the Managed dependencies list. See attached pic.

Should I restart the Galaxy service?