Local Galaxy Install Help

I’m at a standstill trying to install a local instance of the Galaxy server. I hoping someone on this forum who has successfully installed a local instance of Galaxy might work with me to compare install notes to see where I’m messing things up.

My issues, as already posted on this forum, are:

  1. Upload from the local computer just hangs, no error in logs.
  2. Sort of data hangs, again no error in log files sort data seems to hang
  3. rpy2 module is not found whenever you try to run stats on a data file, even though the module is installed according to Galaxy web UI. rpy2 install fails

Those are my top three issues right now.

Version: 22.05
Nginx: Proxy
OS: Rocky 8


Hi @cjkeist

Maybe these tutorials will help?

Thank you for the link. I will look into it.

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