Error: No module named 'galaxy'

I’m a newbie and am watching a tutorial to learn how to use it, but I’ve run into a very strange problem. I am using the exact same steps as in the tutorial and want to send a dataset from NCBI’s SRA Run Selector to galaxy.

I clicked the “Galaxy” button, but running error
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘galaxy’

What should I do?

Hello @banous

The server you are working at probably has a problem with this tool’s configuration.

Is that a public Galaxy server? Which URL?

Also, I’m wondering which tutorial you are following. These are the most current: Search GTN Materials (query=upload).

I use the Galaxy Main server,
and the tutorial is just our teacher’s operation during class.
Before last weekend, we use this method to upload the data from SRA Run Selector was worked well. But after the weekend, we use same steps to do this was failed, always running error.

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Hi @banous

Thanks for explaining. There is likely some problem with the “handshake” between the two services. I’m looking into this right now, and will post back more soon.

Update: I can’t reproduce the problem. Would you please send in a bug report from your error? Do that by clicking on the “bug” icon in that red dataset from your screenshot (or any others just like it). Please recreate if needed.


We applied some corrections for this process, and my tests are now passing.

Please also try again and let us know what happens.

Thanks for reporting the problem!