I’ve had issues just installing galaxy because it keeps stalling. I thought I had finally got it installed but when I change the config file- it wont make my account admin even when its changed. I tried again to see if I installed it correctly and I got this warning

*** WARNING: you are running uWSGI without its master process manager ***

and it stalls at

galaxy.model.database_heartbeat DEBUG 2020-05-21 10:43:15,574 [p:1239,w:1,m:0] [database_heartbeart_main.web.1.thread]
main.web.1 is config watcher     

I am trying to set up galaxy to use conda if that makes a difference. I also just upgraded my memory since before I was told it may be stalling due to lack of memory so now I know that’s not the issue.

Given your next related question ( stalls after Toolbox index finished) could you please post the whole startup log, or at least couple of hundred lines from the end?