Set from_data_table as a hidden parameter


I use " from_data_table" option in order to save a path , for one tool.

I have created the .loc file associated and it’s work fine. But I want to this setting to be hidden for the user. Because the path is always the same. And i want to continue using .loc file to change the path if there is a changement in this path

How to put this paramater as hiden ?

Currently there is my code:

        <param name="description" type='select' label="Folder of descriptions functions files" help="In order to add a description columns to the function abundance table" optional="true">
            <options from_data_table="frogs_picrust2_description_dir">
                                <column name="name" index="2"/>
                                <column name="value" index="2"/>
                        <validator type="no_options" message="A built-in database is not available" />

And when I remove type=‘select’ for exemple, it doesn’t work …