Share your favorite James Taylor Story

A good James story

It’s been a year since James Taylor passed away. To remember him, and mark his upcoming birthday (May 18) we would like to create a community video. We are asking you to tell us your favorite story about James in ~ 30 seconds. We will combine your clips into a community video that will be prominently featured on all Galaxy-related sites.

Here is what we will need you to do before April 30:

  1. Think of your favorite story/interaction/even involving James.
  2. Pick a nice location and record the video!
  3. The video should be:
    • in a high-resolution
    • without background noise
    • in a horizontal orientation (not vertical!)
    • ≲ 30 seconds in length
  4. Deposit video file to your Google Drive or Dropbox folder (or any other location that would allow us to retrieve it)
  5. Send a link to the video, your name and location as you would like them to appear in the final video to:

Thank you all in advance and please feel free to send this to other friends of James.

Galaxy Outreach


Hi All,

Just a reminder to please share your favorite James memory this week.

Thanks everyone,
Dave C

Hi All,

The deadline for submitting videos has been pushed back to the end of this Friday, May 7.

Dave C