Tool wrapping with Hydra config files -- not CLI arguments -- driving the Python code

Dear Galaxy community,

I’m new to tool wrapping, and trying to wrap a Python code (RFDiffusion) that uses Hydra ( for configuration, rather than setting parameters with command line flags.

Just posting a quick call-out to see if anyone has worked with Hydra config in a galaxy tool before?

I see it being adopted by more Machine Learning codes lately, because it allows composition from hierarchical config files (build specific cases on top of base.yaml) with occasional CLI overrides from the user.

It makes composition pretty simple:
|- configuration
| |
| |- base.yaml
| |-additional_conf.yaml

Where base.yaml does your config and gets overwritten

Base inference Configuration.

input_pdb: null
num_designs: 10

I’ve been helpfully pointed to tool > configfiles > configfile in planemo as a way to set parameters from a temporary file.

However I wanted to check if anyone has prior experience before embarking on trying to shoehorn a composable markup config system that way, since it feels like I need more permance of my Hydra files than my assumption of the configfile wrapped in XML being temporary and not overridable?

Many thanks!