Method for testing config file syntax or checking right file is used

Hi All,

I found a python script called in the scripts dir at galaxy root and it looks like its reading my config file fine but any changes are not being reflected after restarting the server. In my case, I can tell as my modifications to the admin user list is not being reflected, nor is my change to the branding.

When I use the old syntax for where to look for the authconfig config, I can see it spits out the warning about not needing to specify config/ so I am pretty sure that its using my galaxy.yml properly but again my changes to not seem to be reflected?

Is there a more robust mechanism for checking the config syntax?


Would it be possible to post the lines here? Ofcourse you can anonomyse them with a fake email adress.
You do need to restart galaxy after making changes to the galaxy.yml file.

It looks like when I started galaxy in the foreground with just ./ instead of --daemon the changes got propagated and from then on I could daemonize it fine. Not sure why there would be a difference in the launch style though so that may be a red herring?