Unicycler launched but still queued after 2 days

Hi, I launched a few assembly analyses with Unicycler on Monday and they are still queued (in grey).
The ones I did last week took no more than 2 hours, so I’m starting to wonder if there is an issue here or a maintenance that prevents the analyses to keep going?
Of note, I have been running other analyses (with QUAST) and they completed in minutes.

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Hi @vanina.guernier

To confirm, you are working at Galaxy Main https://usegalaxy.org?

We have had recent reports of delays for both Trinity and Unicycler now at this server. More feedback about that soon.

Meanwhile, please leave queued jobs queued. If you delete and rerun, the job will move back to the end of the queue, extending wait time.

Thanks for reporting the problem.

Yes I am. Everything else but Unicycler seems to work, it’s been 3 days now.
I won’t delete anything, Thanks

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Thanks for the clarification. The jobs were delayed by a server-side issue that was just now corrected.

Please do allow queued jobs to remain queued and they will eventually process.

It seems that all the jobs with Unicycler are now finished, except most of them failed (in red).
Do you think it is a real failure, or I should launch again the ones who failed, in case this is related to the delay in being processed?

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@vanina.guernier Please try a rerun. For any job failure, at least one rerun is recommended to eliminate cluster issues.

If those fail, then check the error messages and the inputs. There might be a problem that could be fixed, or the data could be too large to execute on the public server.

This FAQ helps with identifying and addressing the most common data input problems that lead to tool errors:

More comprehensive help, including links to GTN tutorials, is here. Unicycler is covered in a GTN tutorial under the topic “Assembly”.