uwsgi.sock permission


I’m adding apache as a proxy server in galaxy 20.05. But I have a problem with the wsgi socket permissions. It’s created as:

0 srwxr-x— 1 galaxy galaxy 0 Aug 10 14:15 /opt/galaxy/var/uwsgi.sock

I made apache member of the group galaxy but it still missed the write permission for group.

I don’t find a way in the galay.yml to tune the ownership/permissions, so, what is the proper way to configure the owership of the socket?


Try chmod-socket: 664 in the uwsgi section of galaxy.yml to make it group writable.

You might also need to explicitly set the Apache Group directive to the galaxy group and restart Apache.

Thanks for the answer. That works (I’m wondering why this is not documented somewhere).
You suggested to use the Group directive. Is that better than making apache user member of galaxy group?

It’s mentioned here, although an example isn’t provided. Running Apache with galaxy’s group is probably not necessary - is it working without that?