Workflow won't start running.

Hi all,

When I implement my workflow, it simply will not run, despite giving the following message:

Successfully invoked workflow RNAseq_test_singleend .

You can check the status of queued jobs and view the resulting data by refreshing the History pane, if this has not already happened automatically.

Nothing appears in the History or any other History (Sharing results to new History = NO). Simply nothing happens.

This has been an issue before however there was no user end fix:

Here is my workflow:

And my history:

Hope both of these are accessible and that the issue can be fixed!


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I have the exact same problem so it seems like a widespread issue. I’ve retried my workflow ~10 times, and haven’t had any change. My workflows went through perfectly until about 2:30 east coast time yesterday.


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Yes my workflows were working perfectly early on yesterday (GMT; 24th Jan) but today they are not since at least about 11am GMT and may have stopped working yesterday evening as well.

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Thanks for the description of the issue, the timing, and sharing the example data.

Workflow execution was transiently disrupted, please try executing your workflows now. Testing the above workflow with the shared data worked on Main for me.

Let us know if the problem persists.

Thanks for using Galaxy!