Account storage

I have deleted History I no longer used but the Account storage usage quota doesn’t change.
I was not able to free up disk space using Storage dashboard. Refresh doesn’t work, Free up disk space can’t find any deleted datasets to permanently delete.
Is there anything I can I do about this other that deleting my account?

Hi @droslj

Would you please check under User → Archived Histories? Are any listed? If so, those are counting toward quota and is probably not what you wanted to do.

When you “Archive” a history, that protects it from accidental changes. Could be shared in a publication or something similar. You can move it back into your User → Histories list to do more with it.

If this isn’t enough, please write back and confirm the server is EU. You could share back a screenshot of the User → Histories. Be sure to expand the Advanced Search and set status = all and capture that in the picture. Or, you might notice where your data is in that view. :slight_smile:

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