argument list too long for "Select data"


I am trying to get certain genes from a large file. My list consists of about 12 thousand genes, which I have tried to get using the Select function with the arguments ’


But when I executed it, an error messaged said my list of arguments is too long.
What are my alternatives for getting these 12 thousand genes?

Probably the Join two files tool is what you need?

hello wm75
do you mean first adding a column with a string on the genes I want and filtering through that string?

Look at that tool’s interface: it expects two input datasets. One would be the one you want to filter, the other one a file with a single column listing the genes you’re interested in. Then you choose to join only on keys/genes found in both inputs. This will leave you with a duplicated Gene column I think, but that’s trivial to remove using a Cut tool.