Can I download a printable version of a workflow?

I finished an analysis and I would like to download a printable version of the workflow to keep for records.

something similar to what is presented in “view”, but without printing or copy-pasting form browser that looks bad.

I downloaded the *.ga but I dont know what to do with it.


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Hi @AgustinGV

There isn’t a way to directly export a PDF of the Workflow “view” with formatting preserved, although that has been discussed and may be included in a future release. Or if you are interested in helping out, a development PR to add in this functionality would be welcomed. Many views could use this type of output.

The page can be saved in .htm format (“control+right-click+save-as” on MAC OSX) which will remove a bit of the extra formatting. You’ll end up with just the text, which may be enough.

You could also try importing into MyExperiment and see if their viewing/printing options work for you. How-to:

The .ga file is a complete archive if that is your overall goal. It can be uploaded into any Galaxy server and viewed again, or shared, etc.

Not a very satisfying answer, but hope that helps a bit.

ping @dannon – Is there a better/alternative way to do this I’m missing?

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