Workflow Documentation via link


I used a link for sharing the workflow in my thesis (without publishing the workflow on the galaxy server). However, when I use the link today (2 years later), the following error occurs:

Please fix the following error(s):

Uncaught exception in exposed API method:

May I ask for help to fix this problem, so that the reader of my thesis can use the link to view the workflow properly on galaxy again?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi @roselucia

Would you please post back your share link to the workflow? We’d like to take a look and get this working again.

Opps, just re-read your post. If you want to keep this private for now, I’m sending a direct message where you can post the link instead. We’d only share that with administrators for troubleshooting purposes.

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General solution for others reading:

  1. Import a workflow.
  2. If you have problems viewing or running, try opening it the workflow in the editor.
  3. Any warnings will be presented in a pop-up, grouped by impacted tools in the workflow, and with a message.
  4. Make changes as needed to address those warnings, and save.

I just wanted to clarify, Uncaught exception in exposed API method: is always a bug, thanks for letting us know, we’ll fix this ASAP. No additional action should be required from you once we’ve fixed this. Especially for published workflows I would attempt to not change them, if they’ve worked in the past they will continue to work in the future. This is just a display problem.


To follow up, these two pull requests should have fixed your problems: [23.1] Fix up local tool version handling by mvdbeek · Pull Request #16836 · galaxyproject/galaxy · GitHub and [23.1] Fix workflow preview display if tool state does not contain all parameter values by mvdbeek · Pull Request #16829 · galaxyproject/galaxy · GitHub. and have applied those changes.