Can not find the MimodD tool in Galaxy

Hellow, I see the MimodD read ailgnment tool in Galaxy in this example step 1: . Now i can not find it in same way.

Thank you,

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Dear Yang,

the linked tutorial assumes a full local install of MiModD. Public severs like and often choose not to offer MiModD’s own read alignment tool and a couple of others as they would only be redundant with existing alternatives on these well-equipped servers.

The recommendation is to use bowtie2 for read alignment before using MiModD tools again for variant calling and linkage analysis.

Make sure you read for usage hints of bowtie2 and SnpEff (for variant annotation) in conjunction with MiModD.

Good luck with your analyses,

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Okay, I got it. Very grateful for your help!

Hi Yang,

You can run it on the MiModD server, (I think!).
Dave C

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Hi Dave,

Ok, this problem has now been solved, but I still want to thank you for your help!

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