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Hello Galaxy Community,
I am struggling to set up the GalaxyCloudMan through an AWS to my Galaxy through
First according to the instructions I have made AWS account > create group (selecting ec2 and s3 full access) > users > add users to group > and download the credentials access key and secrete key. These keys I have used to launch GalaxyCloudMan through CloudLaunch.
In CloudMan Console I access the Galaxy and I registered using my mail ID and password that I made on CloudLaunch. Galaxy on the cloud interface appear but not fully active.
Actually, I am Coursera student where according to the instructions the Galaxy CloudMan is launched from CloudMan console step to the cloud selecting new cloud cluster in the account available on
Here is my QUESTION as well as PROBLEM that I do not have Cloud tab or option in my galaxy account available on Therefore, I could not launch or access the Galaxy CloudMan to my Galaxy account (
What step am I missing to follow? What is required for cloud option to appear in Galaxy.

Kindly resolve this problem

Neeti Nirwal

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Hi @NirwalNeeti

The way cloud Galaxy is started up has changed a bit since that tutorial was published. Launch one from here instead:

Use the GVL version for the best performance and reliability (it is based on the Galaxy release 20.01)

The other Cloudman option is considered deprecated. So shut down and remove the old one, and start over with the GVL version. Your account at the new cloud server will be distinct from your accounts on any public Galaxy server.

Meaning, you need to add yourself as an administrator and create an account through the Galaxy website created inside the GVL appliance. Once both are done, you’ll be the administrator of the server with full control over configuration/administration (adding cluster nodes, installing new tools, and the like).

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Thanks and Regards jennaj

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