Adding Admin Tab to Galaxy

Hello all,

How do I add the Admin Tab to my Galaxy account? I would like to install a tool from the Tool Box but I believe I require admin status?

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The admin tab is enabled for any email address listed in the comma-separated configuration option in galaxy.yml titled admin_users. By default, it is:

admin_users: None

In my local galaxy, I have set the value to


You may need to restart your galaxy process after changing this value.

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Dear Dave,

Thank you! Can I access this file through or is there another way of accessing galaxy in order to do this?

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Hi @sboba003,

You must be the administrator of a Galaxy server in order to install tools.

@dave was describing how to become an administrator of a local Galaxy installation. It sounds like you are using a public Galaxy server ( – and you won’t have administrative privileges granted as a public end-user for any public Galaxy server.

If you want to use alternative tools that are not currently hosted at a particular public Galaxy server, you can make a request. There may be a reason why a tool is not hosted or cannot be hosted publically at any particular site – or, maybe adding it is pending/in-progress. Or the tool may not be wrapped yet for Galaxy. Or, it may be hosted at other public Galaxy servers already (domain-specific tools).

What tool are you interested in that isn’t hosted at We can let you know why it isn’t hosted, and if it could be.

The other option is to set up your own Galaxy and install/use the tool immediately. Check the Galaxy ToolShed to make sure the tool is available first. A local Galaxy is one choice, and there are many others that require less local resources (storage/compute) and overall administration. Example: the GVL version of Cloudman.

More details:

  • Galaxy Platform Directory:

    • Includes details for all known public Galaxy servers and the many ways to set up your own Galaxy.
    • Example: Local:
    • Q&A for how to become an admin in a local: Example step-by-step for a basic local Galaxy install with an admin account created
    • Search this forum with keywords like “docker” or “cloudman” or “local” or “gvl” to find more prior Q&A/examples.
    • Keep in mind that the resources (storage/compute) need to run a tool are about the same when executed command-line OR in Galaxy. In practical terms, this means that setting up your own Galaxy on a laptop is fine for smaller work (plus is a great way to back-up work!). However, you’ll need to use a more robust computing platform to run Galaxy for larger work: a pre-configured cloud option, or attach a cluster and allocate memory to a local/docker. The latter will require more administrative work on your part.
  • Galaxy Main ToolShed:

Hope that helps!