Tools Installation: By a USER

I am trying to install the tools for trinity as described in this link . As a user can I install? Because I do not find any option to download.
And the available tools on is not as mentioned as in above link.

Thank you

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You are reviewing a public Github repository that happens to also publish a Galaxy wrapped version of this tool.

How this works:

  • End-users at public Galaxy servers cannot install tools.
  • To install tools, you must be the administrator of a Galaxy server.
  • The resources needed to run tools are the same within Galaxy as would be needed if the tool was run line-command.
  • Each public Galaxy server hosts the tools (and versions of those tools) chosen by the administrators that server.
  • There can be many versions of an underlying tool wrapped for Galaxy available in the ToolShed. Each links out to external sources where the code is maintained by team and community contributors.

There are many ways to use Galaxy. Resources:

  1. Ecosystem:
  2. Resources:
  3. Administration:

If you are interested in running your own Galaxy, there is much information in the links above and in prior Q&A here (searching with the keyword “admin” will find most of those). The tags I added to your post can also add in more context.

Hi @jennaj,
As I have mentioned couple of times before I am new to this field, though its been almost a month in a day whenever I try a new job I still feel new to galaxy. I have clearly understand that I can use only whatever the tools available on public server account(yes of course they are plenty). I have gone through option 3 link (from your reply), it’s a lot. I can imagine how many people would have worked for all that and I don’t think I have enough knowledge and skills to be an admin.

Thank you for your suggestion.