Co-expression analysis, unable to install WGCNA in Rstudio

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to install WGCNA in Rstudio using the Galaxy platform, but I’m having trouble. I tried using BiocManager::install(“WGCNA”), but I get a warning that the dependency “impute” is not installed.

I need help with this, because I need to do a co-expression analysis, and I can’t do it on my computer because I have too many samples and not enough computing power.

Thanks in advance

I was able to solve my doubt :sweat_smile:
I decided not to delete this post because someone might be looking for the answer.
If you follow these steps you will get WGCNA in Galaxy Rstudio:
1- Go to TERMINAL and type: conda install -c r-wgcna
2- Go to Tools in the Rstudio panel → Install Packages → Repository (CRAN), complete with: “WGCNA”.
3- Accept the terms and update the associated libraries and WGCNA will work correctly.

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