Create a discrimination model

I want to create a discrimination model to classify honey and fortified honey, and use it in a set of new spectral data. In the stage of creating the model, of discrimination that I am doing by FDA (Factorial Discrimant Analysis), an error appears and the model is not created. Would you know how to tell me the reason for the error?
The parameters I use to create the model are:
“FDA” Factorial Discrimant Analysis
Select X data: xCAL(CovSel on (PCA on SNV(
Select Y data: yCAL(
Column of y class chosen for the calculation: c2: V1
Number of blocs for cross-validation: 10
Number of discriminant variables(DV): 10
Distance choice: Mahalanobis
Export confusion tables (CAL) for each discriminant variables (DV) models: no

Stoud: Free Access Chemometric Toolbox (FACT) version 0.10
getting started at:
Load macros
Load gateways

!–error 4
Undefined variable: test
at line 46 of function conj2dis called by :
at line 31 of function cvclass called by :
at line 9 of function fda called by :

                        !--error 4 

Undefined variable: res_da

                        !--error 4 

Undefined variable: res_da

                                                             !--error 248 

Wrong value for argument #2: Valid variable name expected.

Stderr : Wrong value for argument #2: Valid variable name expected.

The URL is

I am not familiar with this tool but if the above are inputs then you might want to first double check the syntax. The error describes Wrong value for argument #2: Valid variable name expected. which tells me that you might have provided a bad variable name.

You should also look into the tools arguments and figure out which argument is #2. The administrator of the galaxy instance you are using should be able to help you with that.

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I had chosen the wrong number of variables, now I managed to solve this problem. @innovate-invent Thank you very much for answering!